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We are a career consultancy that works with individuals to give them the best chances of success in their chosen career. We will work with you to ensure you know where to find the jobs, how to effectively apply for them and succeed to where you want to get to in the football industry. Our work is often creative and unique in terms of getting you noticed in a competitive industry and ensure you are in the best place to access opportunities.


We are much more than just about rewriting your CV! We ensure you have all the skills and tools required to achieve your ambitions and aspirations. This can include:


  • Refining your aspirations (creating realistic plans and actions from ambitious plans and dreams!)

  • Developing your networking skills (how to get replies to your messages/emails! etc)

  • Developing your profile (getting you seen by employers etc)

  • Empowering you (so you know exactly what you will need to do and how to do it!)

  • and much much more…


If your dream is to work in the football industry we would recommend booking a Career Consultation with us to discuss your own situation and we can help you take the next step in your football career. Members to our website can access the latest vacancies in professional football and also receive a discounted price on our services.


For more information please CONTACT US


Carl approached us with the desire to work in professional football as a fitness coach.  Carl had run his own personal training organisation for a number of years but had a dream of working in a professional club as a fitness coach.


The first step was to help Carl understand the specific requirements of his dream job, we quickly discovered that Carl would require a degree if not a masters degree. At first we could tell that he was a little hesitant. Carl had started two courses at university when he was younger and not completed either as he lacked the motivation and drive to do so.


After discussing the options of university courses we found Carl was starting to become excited by the prospect of going back to university with a clear goal and knowing exactly what he would need to achieve his career goal.


Within no time at all, Carl had applied for and successfully received a place at a top university on a Strength and Conditioning degree. He has gone onto gain experience at a top Rugby League team and is developing his practice daily.


Carl now has the confidence and motivation to pursue his career goals with our full support. We are still in contact with Carl and hearing his excellent progress.


Carl says,


“After struggling to find a way to even get on the ladder towards my career goal for several months I discovered and promptly got in touch with Toby. Over the space of only a couple of phone calls and email exchanges Toby not only provided me with the information of what my steps would need to be but also the confidence to go out and pursue them. His motivating yet relaxed attitude has worked perfectly for myself and I am making the first steps towards becoming a top level Strength and Conditioning coach. I could not recommend him and the service he provides enough to anyone who wants to work in football and will be forever thankful for everything he has done for me already.”


Martin came to us with a good level of experience of working in the football industry (working at Slovak Professional Footballers Association). We was also in the process of finishing his Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Football Industries. Martin was struggling to access jobs in the industry and had applied for a number of roles without even receiving the opportunity of an interview.


One of our first jobs was to check over Martin’s application material. We found that with small changes to his CV and LinkedIn profile we were able to help sell and promote him to potential employers more effectively. This also helped to give Martin more confidence in approaching employers. Our other work included helping Martin to discover the exact direction he wanted his career to go in and how he could do this.


We worked with Martin over a series of sessions to develop his confidence and motivation in starting to be pro-active with his applications. Rather than just sending in a CV and cover letter, we developed unique and creative ways to help him market and promote himself to potential employers. Over a number of sessions it was clear that Martin’s ‘career skills’ were developing and he was accessing more and more opportunities.


Martin found himself speaking and networking with top professionals working in the football industry. These were decision makers at top professional clubs and organisations all over Europe. With our support Martin was able to effectively promote himself and ensure that he was in the best place to access opportunities.


During our work with Martin was also able to gain experience working with the Slovakian FA, supporting Manchester United Academy’s tour to Slovakia. We were in constant contact with Martin to ensure that he made the most of this opportunity.


After a number of sessions, Martin successfully created an opportunity at a professional football club as “Strategic Development Manager” at FC DAC 1904 in Slovakia. This role includes Martin being involved in the commercial and sporting sides of the club (which was Martin’s desire when we first spoke!).


Martin says, 


“Toby played a key role in my job searching within football industry, which ended in success. Toby is not a recruiter and cannot give a job to his clients; however, I would describe him as a mentor who pushes people out of their comfort zone, which gives them ability to be more effective and efficient in job searching. Job searching is often frustrating and there are moment when a candidate feels demotivated. In these moments Toby was the one who boosted my self-confidence and always came up with some creative solutions for the situation. I can nothing else but strongly recommend Toby for all who dream about having a career in the football industry.”



The client had recently graduated from university with a 2:1 degree in sports journalism. She had not had any luck in finding full-time employment and was working in a cafe to earn money. We worked with the client to assess their current employability potential and develop this. The client quickly gained confidence and motivation to pursue the career she wanted and applied for a number of positions. After working with us the client gained employment within a sports media organisation.


The client had recently completed his UEFA A coaching badge and was gaining experience training local youth teams. We worked with the client to discover the position they wanted and create a realistic plan to achieve it. 

Throughout the work the client gained an insight into the realisms of working in professional football and the work they had to do to get there. After the Mentoring Programme the client has gained full-time employment in football coaching and continues to develop his careers skills and practice.


The client had been forced to finish their career as a professional footballer due to injury. this had impacted the client’s confidence and motivation to seek employment. We worked with the client to discover what they were looking for and how to get it. The client had excellent networking opportunities through playing international football with top coaches and with our encouragement was able to contact these and gain experience. The client was given all the tools required to succeed within their chosen career and gained a lot of confidence and motivation to move forward.


The client was training with a professional football club. The client was working hard in training and matches but felt unsure about their future and they felt this had an impact on their performance.

We worked with the client to explore their interests and create a number of different success pathways to their aspirations. The client was assisted to make informed decisions and look at their long-term future.

The client is still playing at a professional level as well as developing opportunities to ensure he has a realistic career plan whatever happens in the future. 


The client was aspiring to work in the journalism industry. He already had a successful blog about his favourite football team but wanted to do more. We worked with the client to understand the requirements to enter the industry.

After a short period the client found themselves interviewing professional footballers and people working at top journalism organisations. He has developed his career skills and is pushing for the top.

The client had gained experience at Sky Sports and the Daily Mail sport desk whilst also studying for a degree in Sports Journalism. Since graduating he now works full-time in sports journalism. 


The client had recently been informed by the club they had been employed at for 8 years that they had to gain another qualification or they would have to leave. The client was unsure of their next steps and had become unmotivated by their work.

We worked with the client to assess their options impartially and make some informed decisions. The client discovered their aspirations lay outside of working at a professional football club and started planning for their future.

The client has now started their own football related business and is enjoying it more than ever.


The client was successful in the recruitment industry but gained no passion from it. We worked with the client to assess their future and find the right career for them.

The client successfully applied for university and has gone from strength to strength. He has gained experience at top clubs and olympic sports whilst gaining his qualifications.

He is now employed full-time by a professional football club in their Sports Science department.


“When I found I was coming to the end of my university degree and struggling to find a lead anywhere in the sporting industry. I am from Australia and their service gave me the freedom to explore and create opportunities all over the world. Within no time I found myself networking with professionals working at top clubs and organisations. The expert advice and support has definitely helped me move closer to my ambition of becoming a Marketing Manager at a football club.”

“Having had Toby coach me for over a couple of months, I saw a really difference in my drive and productivity. Being guided by someone with such a personable approach allows you to realise that nothing is impossible and that perfect job is out there, it is just how much you want it. I could not recommended Toby highly enough. Through his week by week bespoke plan, I was able to utilise my strengths at the same time as developing my weaknesses therefore putting myself in a position where I was getting consistently headhunted. For anyone aspiring to work within the football industry, Toby can make this happen. It is safe to say, I am more than happy I done so.”

“Working with Toby from has helped me narrow down exactly what I want from my career and plan a realistic pathway. I am currently working through it with confidence and speaking to Toby regularly to get more support. I would recommend the programme to anyone wanting to work in the football industry.”

“After struggling to find a way to even get on the ladder towards my dream goal for several months I discovered and promptly got in touch with Toby. Over the space of only a couple of phone calls and email exchanges Toby not only provided me with the information of what my steps would need to be but also the confidence to go out and pursue them. His motivating yet relaxed attitude has worked perfectly for myself and I am making the first steps towards becoming a top level Strength and Conditioning coach. I could not recommend him and the service he provides enough to anyone who wants to work in football and will be forever thankful for everything he has done for me already.”

Toby (Careers in Football) is an excellent source if you want to take the plunge into the sports industry and not know where to start. His advice and exercises will help you pin point exactly what avenue you want to go down and gets you out on your comfort zone to start to showcase your abilities to your target audience. It is clear to see his years of expertise, in the sports industry, and that gives you confidence that you are putting the correct measures in place. 

I would highly recommend Toby’s services and would like to thank him as it definitely kick started my career and gave me the desire to pursue my dream to work in football


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