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The Certificate in Player Care is a six-week online programme to give you the competitive advantage when finding and accessing a career in Player Care. It is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge you will require with the support of three industry experts.

Created by experienced industry professionals working in Player Care to best support aspiring Player Care professionals. You will be supported and mentored through live weekly sessions.

This course is aimed at people who want to find work within Player Care in football. If you are currently working in a Player Care position we are currently in the early stages of planning an Advanced course - register your interest for the advanced course here













Player Care is growing all the time in the football industry and has so many interesting aspects to it. If you are working in Player Care you could find yourself doing a range of different activities and tasks. To find out if Player Care is for you consider if you could do the following:


Support players in settling into a new club so they can focus on their performance?


Write a development programme to support academy players?


Support players who are released from professional clubs and academies?

If the scenarios above are of interest to you then this course is perfect! Please sign up for the latest dates below:


The course is designed to empower you with the following:

- To understand the roles and responsibilities of positions in Player Care within football

- To gain an excellent working knowledge of Player Care within both first team and academy environments

- To be able to find and access job opportunities

- To be able to complete a related Player Care task in preparation for an interview/performing in a player care role


- Interactive live sessions that will challenge and develop your knowledge of Player Care

- Opportunity to deliver an interview practice presentation and receive feedback

- Ongoing support from three football industry professionals during and after the course

- Applications support (CV and cover letter)

- Exclusive access to Player Care webinars and discussions

- Signed certificate of completion 


The course is inclusive and provides development for people wanting to work in the football industry within Player Care. We can support people from all backgrounds and situations (University students, recent graduates, career changers etc). 

The course is perfect if you are in any of the following stages of your career:

- You want to find out if Player Care is for you 

- You know you want to work in Player Care and are ready to find experience, select qualifications and find entry-level positions

- You have all the experience and knowledge required and now want to find a full-time position in Player Care

Full support will be provided for your specific situation and ambitions within Player Care in football. Please get in touch if you are unsure if the course is right for you.


The Certificate in Player Care brings together experts in the Player Care and the football industry as a whole:


Hugo will be providing the knowledge and insight into Player Care within the first team in professional clubs. 

Hugo's experience:

Former Head of Player Care at West Ham United and 1st Team Player Liaison at Southampton FC. Founder of The Player Care Group


Toby will be providing career support to students to help them find and access career in Player Care in football.

Toby's experience:

Qualified career professional specialising in the football industry. Founder of Careers in Football.


As part of the course we work with experts in the football industry:


Head of Player Care at Sunderland AFC

We will be announcing more experts and special guests so keep an eye out.


There is no specific destination from the course but the following is possible:

- Full-time role in Player Care within football

- Other roles within the football industry

- Using the key points and knowledge to work in other sectors

- Develop your understanding to starting own business in the football industry


The course will run over 6 consecutive weeks with 2 hour sessions planned for each Tuesday. The sessions are designed to be interactive and provide you with an opportunity to discuss key points and ask questions. There is also research tasks to be completed between the sessions to extend and challenge your understanding of Player Care. Here is the timetable for our next course:

Tuesday 25th May - Introduction session (6-8pm)

Tuesday 1st June - First Team Player Care (6-8pm)

Tuesday 8th June - Academy Player Care (6-8pm)

Tuesday 15th June - Debate session (6-8pm)

Tuesday 22nd June - Career Development (6-8pm)

Tuesday 29th June - Final presentations (6-9pm)

You are required to attend all the sessions on the course as they are designed to support your development and aid your completion of the final task/presentation.


In February 2021 we ran a pilot course. Here is the feedback we received from the students:

“I think this course is going to have a huge influence on Player Care. The level of experience and knowledge, not just in Player Care, but football in general is going to be hugely beneficial to anyone who takes part.”

“I definitely feel I have a competitive insight into the Player Care industry, which will help me prepare better for interviews and presentations, as I know what skills and qualities they're looking for in a candidate”

“What really adds to the value of the course is the "laid-back" atmosphere. It encourages to actively take part in discussions and to work hard as the lectures are very enjoyable. Mistakes are seen as opportunities to learn and I really got the feeling that your ultimate goal is to help others (us) to get into the industry.”


Is this course a qualification?

We have specifically chosen to keep this course from being a qualification - we wanted a course that can be adapted to the needs and requirements of each student and feel a qualification is too limited. There are currently no qualifications required to access a career in Player Care as people from all different backgrounds have benefits to employers - it will be our job to help you see your USP and build on this throughout the course.

If I am working in a professional club is this course for me?

The Certificate in Player Care is aimed at people who want to find and create opportunities to work within the industry. If you are currently working at a club we are currently planning an Advanced course and this would be more suitable. To register your interest in this please complete the form HERE


Can I fail this course?

The course is not pass or fail but we can/will provide recommendations dependant on the level of your work during the course. The course concludes with a presentation session which you will be provided with a scenario and be asked to deliver a presentation in response. We will challenge your response and provide full feedback. This will provide us with an opportunity to provide you with a recommendation if you are going for a job. You will also be able to complete a portfolio that you can present to potential employers - this will be checked by us and we will provide full feedback.


How will the course help me access a job in Player Care?

We hope that this course will give you the knowledge you need to be able to help find jobs, apply for them with a strong application and interview with confidence for entry level roles in Player Care. The job market is hugely competitive so anything you can do to grow your knowledge and experience will assist you. 


What if I cannot attend a session in the timetable?

All sessions will be recorded and available to watch at anytime. The only essential session to attend is the final presentation session, though we strongly recommend you attend each one in order to be able to participate, ask questions and get involved. 


How can I pay? Can I pay in instalments?

All bookings are through our secure bookings page and PayPal and credit card is available. We are only accepting full payments currently.


Can I get a refund?

We are fully agreeable and reasonable. We will refund your money 48 hours before the first session but we will not provide a refund once the sessions have started. If you are unable to attend any sessions we will do our best to support you and help you catch up. Also if you decide that Player Care is not for you we will support you to find other options in the football industry.


Are there any guarantees this will get me a job in player care?

No we do not provide any guarantees that this course will get you a job in player care in football. The course is designed to increase your knowledge and provide you with an increased understanding, as well as getting to know and work with some of the top names in the industry.  


What ongoing support do I receive after the course has finished?

We have launched a private LinkedIn group for all those who complete the course where we will post interesting articles, videos, jobs and exclusive interviews. We will also look to keep you posted with those alumni who have completed the course and where they are now. There will also be opportunities to get 1 on 1 time with the 3 tutors as well by separate agreement. 


What happens after I sign up?

We will send you a confirmation email and some preparation to do ahead of the first session – as well as the full schedule for the course. 


How much work is the course?

The course is as much work as you choose to put in. There are 5 x 2 hour sessions and 1 x 3 hour session (though we’d rather run longer on the session than cut it off!) as well as reading and/or homework between each session. It will help your understanding to do these tasks and this is your responsibility. 


How interactive is the course?

The course is designed to be very interactive – you’ve got 3 great tutors who will go through the material, but also ask your opinions, challenge your thoughts and there will also be times you will have to work with other people on the course. Player Care as a discipline requires good people skills so you will be expected to engage and give your opinion!


Please sign up for the latest dates below:


Please complete the form below and we will be in touch ASAP to answer any specific questions you may have. We can also arrange a phone or Zoom call to discuss our course further.

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