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Careersinfootball.com is the trading name for Career Goal Limited (09638614). Career Goal Limited © 2013. United Kingdom.

Please do not replicate any content from our website without our written permission.


Careersinfootball.com present our Football Coaches career service for people who want to work in the football industry and progress. Our industry expert mentors will guide you to develop towards your ambitions and career goals.


Our Football Coaches career service is specifically designed for football coaches with level 2 qualified and above. By the end of the programme you will have all the skills required to progress and succeed in a career in the football coaching.



If you are a qualified football coach with a Level 2 coaching badge upwards then this service is designed to help you take the next step in your career. Contact us if you are unsure if this service is right for you.


Getting to the top of a career in football coaching is not just about getting the coaching badges! There are a lot of factors to negotiate to develop and progress your career. We have created a service that works with football coaches (FA Level 2 upwards) to help them access and create opportunities in the football industry. 

There are a number of barriers when tying to get into football coaching including:

Competition - There are 100,000s of qualified coaches working to get into professional football. How will you stand out from the competition?

Hidden jobs - Not all coaching positions are advertised and even when they are they may not be 'true; vacancies as the clubs may have people already lined up! If you can't find the advert to apply for how will you get the job?


Cronyism - Football coaching recruitment is a lot about trust and clubs will often employ coaches they already know or are recommended by other coaches working at the club. If you're not in the circle how will you get the job?

We support football coaches to overcome these barriers and create opportunities in positions they want - giving you full control of your coaching career in football!


Our Career Tactics for Football Coaches programme is designed to give you all the tools you will need to progress and succeed in your dream career in the football industry. This includes:


1-2-1 Career Coaching with a football industry specific career development expert

Throughout the programme you will be supported by our football industry career expert, Toby French, who will provide support and development. Who is Toby French?

Personalised programme to your situation, ambitions and goals

The first thing we will do is assess your current career practices and help you develop core skills that will help you develop and progress. This includes developing your application material, network techniques, confidence, motivation, accessing the best qualifications and much more...

Tailored exercises, activities and tasks

The programme includes personalised tasks, activities and exercises that will develop your career skills and help you access any role that you want in the football industry.

Full support when you need it

We will be with you all the way to push, challenges and support you. This includes 24/7 access to our expert support whenever you need e.g. it to provide additional motivation, when your networking with top industry professionals, when your applying for jobs etc. 


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Initial Consultation and assessment of your current career practices and tactics

We create a personalised career development programme for you (includes agreed targets, activities, challenges and tasks)

Regular progress catch ups arranged around your availability

24/7 support when you need it via email, phone, WhatsApp etc



1 month Programme


(includes initial consultation, career assessment and career support for 1 month)

3 month programme


(includes initial consultation, career assessment and career support for 3 months)

6 month programme


(includes initial consultation, career assessment and career support for 6 months)

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Once we receive your payment we will be in touch ASAP to arrange the initial consultation.


“I contacted Toby as I was looking for the next step in my coaching career. Even though I live in Canada, Toby was available to me at a moments notice. With his expert knowledge in Soccer and career management Toby took me to the next level, by setting me goals on a daily basis and pushing me out of my comfort zone. 

I can highly recommend Toby and his work he was a pleasure to work with and put me on a path to furthering my coaching career. I would not hesitate to send clients to Careersinfootball.com.”


Neil - Head Coach in US

“The support and advice I have received from Toby at Careers in Football has been invaluable in helping me achieve my goals in football coaching. Toby has been personally involved throughout my transition into a full-time position as a coach in the professional game. The sessions helped me develop my career skills, make decisions about my future and create opportunities. Since working with Careers in Football my own personal development has been more focused towards my long-term goals in football coaching”


Allan - U23 Coach

“I contacted Toby at Careersinfootball.com when I felt like I needed a change from my first team coaching role. Having someone to discuss my ideas and assess my options really helped me decide on my next steps. Toby was able to offer me guidance and suggestions that I had not considered previously. Toby’s in-depth knowledge of the football industry and his methods for career progression have been essential. Since the meeting I have had a number of job offers and have setup my own business. I would highly recommend contacting Careersinfootball.com.”


Tony - 1st Team Football Coach


Who delivers this service?

Careersinfootball.com career services are delivered by Toby French (Founder of Careersinfootball.com). He is a qualified career professional and has vast experience of working in the football industry and has researched roles and professionals in the game for years. He has delivered career workshops and career programmes for top organisations in the industry including The FA, Premier League, Kick It Out. Toby can be contacted via LinkedIn and Twitter.

Is Careersinfootball.com a recruitment agency or job website?

No. We are a career coaching service which works with individuals to help them achieve their aspirations. We prefer to stay impartial and do not have specific vacancies to push people towards - instead we work with individuals to create and access their own opportunities. This approach means our clients are more satisfied with the career direction they choose and means that they have developed the skills required to take them further. Our career services includes a range of ways to help you find and create opportunities that include using recruitment agencies, job sites etc.

Who is this service for?

This service is designed for people who want to progress in their career. It is perfect for people who currently work in the football industry or have recently left a role in football. We have experience of working with people in all areas of the football industry and helping them take their next step. This includes finding opportunities, seeking promotions and moving clubs. 

How does the programme use industry experts?

We believe it is essential that you build your contacts and speak to professionals working in industry. We will discuss your career interests and help you find a mentor who we feel will be most effective and support you. We have a good range of industry experts and these are growing constantly. 

How will the sessions be delivered?

Our service is designed to fit in with your current lifestyle (work commitments, education etc) for this reason we conduct the majority of our work over the phone or via Skype. We are able to book sessions in evening or at weekends and are contactable 24/7 via email.

Will I get a job in football? Are there any guarantees?

Our aim is to help you progress within the 90 days of the service. We will push and challenge you to develop towards your ambitions. By the end of the programme we will ensure you have all the tools you require to achieve your ambitions. Your success is dependant on how hard you work but we will help and support you the whole time. The guarantee we will provide is that by the end of the full service (6 months) you will have everything you need to take your next step - and if not we will provide additional support until we feel this is the case.

Where do your clients end up?

Our clients have succeed in their career which includes gaining full-time employment at professional football clubs and organisations, starting their own business and taking the next step in their career in football. We do not offer a quick fix service and instead develop you for long-term success.


Not sure if you need this service or unsure how it will help?

Book a FREE Career Coaching Consultation with us and we can discuss the plan to help you access the career of your dreams in the football industry. Click on the link below and complete the form.


Contact us if you have any questions about this service or want to arrange a conversation before signing up.


We will be in contact ASAP to answer your question or arrange a phone/Skype call.