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Have you ever taken Gainsborough Trinity from the National League to the Champions League? Have you ever scouted the next WonderKid and helped him to win every award going?


To celebrate the latest edition of the Football Manager series we have decided to link the game to five real careers in the football industry.

If you love Football Manager then why not make your virtual world a reality by exploring five careers from the beloved video game that you can do in real life.



In the game you have to be able to negotiate contracts and ensure that the player you want feels like you offer the best deal for them. As a Football Agent you would be sitting on the other side of the table but your objectives would be very similar. As an agent you would handle a football player’s movements throughout their career, negotiating contracts for both on field and off field activity. To succeed in this role you would require expertise in scouting, networking, negotiations and legal, marketing and lifestyle management.



We think a good game of Football Manager is when you take average players and train them up to be superstars. As a Football Coach you would assess where your players are at and then design training programmes that turns their weaknesses into strengths and makes their strengths even stronger. Can you get them playing free-flowing football? How can you increase the impact of your attacking midfielder? Ultimately, how will you make each and every one of your players better?



Football Manager is a game full of statistics. As a Performance Analyst you would collect and interpret statistics from your own team and opponents. Can you see weaknesses? Where are most of the goals you concede coming from? Performance Analysts film then code all kinds of games before assessing areas such as conversion rates, possession and completed passes, then providing feedback to the coaching staff.



You’ve found the next wonderkid on Football Manager, beating all of the other big clubs to his name. But can you do it in real life? Scouts watch hundreds of games a year in all corners of the globe. Working with the Manager and Sporting Director to assess what kind of players are needed, the Scout will then go out and look for players, reporting on any they find. More commonly, players are being found using sophisticated software - but there’s no competition for a pair of human eyes.



This one speaks for itself. Select your starting XI, choose the tactics, oversee daily training sessions and identify areas for improvement in your team. You’ve taken Accrington Stanley to Champions League glory on the game; but could you do it in real-life with emotions, players personal issues etc having an impact?

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