Career development to enhance your performance during your playing career.



Unfortunately a footballers career is never secure - whether its the constant threat of injuries or clubs always looking for replacements - this means that a footballer may have to live with worry, stress, anxiety and panic over their future. Our Perform programme is designed to reduce these negative issues and therefore give players a sense of freedom and allow them to take control of their future.

With players dealing with stress this often leads to them undertaking in unhealthy habits that can unfortunately lead to addiction (playing on the computer for hours etc) as these can help relieve this stress and panic. We work with players in professional academies to explore their passions, develop in areas that excite them and help them create healthy habits that will have a positive impact on their playing. 

Our aim for this programme is to engage players in their options, empower them to develop the skills to pursue them and excite them about options outside of playing football.

Having worked with a vast number of players (we have delivered over 150 workshops and programmes in professional clubs since 2016) we have found that players interests are varied and wide reaching. We are not here to stereotype players and pigeonhole them towards specific options - but to help players explore what they truly enjoy and what excites them.

How does it work?

Our Perform programme has been developed over years of working with elite footballers. We have vast experience of working in professional academies at the highest level and supporting players.

Our programme works through the following method,

- You complete our Perform online questionnaire

- You receive personalised feedback and a development programme

- You can then access development activities, information and challenges to help you in our Perform Development Zone

How does it enhance performance?

To begin with we must understand what sports performance is. We use this methodology:

Your performance = your potential - your losses

These losses that we focus on include your confidence, reducing doubt and worry about your future and relieving stress and pressure.

We believe (and it has been proven) that by working on key development areas that it can reduce the 'all or nothing' mentality and therefore enhance your performance.


Our Perform questionnaire is designed to highlight key Development areas that you can work on to have maximum impact on your playing career and performance. The programme uses our unique Career Tactics methodology to assess and support development of these key areas and help you focus on your football.

These areas are:

Self-awareness | Career Strategy | Professional Network | Psychological Skills | Physical Resources

Our Perform programme focuses only on the key areas that can enhance your performance. 


Once you have taken the PERFORM questionnaire you will receive a score. This score is related to your skills 

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