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“Be prepared to work your way up and be prepared to put in the hours. Be persistent, never give up and handle rejection well, because there is plenty of it. It’s a very competitive industry and you are going to come up against people who are going to pip you to the post. So, just keep going.


Use your initiative, do things off your own back that set you apart and keep seeking advice are all important as well.


I think one of the things that I would be cautious against is thinking that you can just go straight in at the top. Coming from a generation where we’ve had to work our way up slowly, I’ve had a lot of emails which have been along the lines of ‘How do I do your job now?’ and you just don’t get to do that. If you do, I don’t know how long that opportunity would last for, as I don’t know whether you’d be ready for it.


As a career choice, if you want to have some longevity, put in the hard yards because it will pay off in the future and you will have a long-term career rather than a flash in the pan.”