CAREER WORKBOOK have developed an interactive Career Workbook to help young people (9yrs+) explore the different careers in football and achieve their aspirations. The aim of the Workbook is to broaden young peoples horizons and raise their aspirations. 

13 Interactive Career Tasks

Career information and inspiration

Football career based fun and activities

Discover new careers in football

Learn about different roles 

Football roles from a number of different sectors


Careersinfootball FC are our football team the Career Workbook is based around. We have created a full team and staff to engage young people in what types of careers are involved in football and help them discover which are right for them.


There will also be lots more Careersinfootball FC based activities and tasks available on our website soon so keep an eye out! (You can also sign up to our Newsletter for regular updates!).

Introducing the Careersinfootball FC staff.

Each member of staff has an interactive task and a description of their role in the Career Workbook. 


The Career Workbook includes 13 different career tasks that will challenge you to take on each member of staffs role and try the career. 

Interactive tasks and activities

Complete career tasks and roles

Activities from a full range of sectors


What is the aim of the Career Workbook?

The aim is to engage young people in the variety of careers available in the football industry and to help them explore their interests. By showing them the different careers and encouraging them to think about careers we will help them discover their own aspirations.


Is 9-10 years old too young to start thinking about careers?

We do not believe so. This is not about them making decisions but about them exploring the options available to them. By starting early young people can make informed decisions when they need to (GCSE options, A-Levels etc) and it also increases their motivation for education.


What if my child/young person does not want to work in football?

The Career Workbook is an excellent introduction to the world of careers no matter what industry/sector your child/young person wants to work in. The Workbook covers 13 different careers and many different sectors, including business, media, education etc. These are also found in other industries and sectors. Again this Workbook is not about them making decisions but discovering what types of careers are available out there.


Is there a follow-up from the Workbook?

Yes, we are currently developing a specific career zone on the website to continue to help young people develop their understanding. This will include more tasks, interviews, information and resources. We are also developing Career Camps for young people to gain active practice at each career, these will be available soon.


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